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| Unmanned Surface Vessels for Bridge Scour Monitoring

| Using Unmanned Surface Vessels to Support Bridge Inspections with Chad Skrocki, P.E., Anthony Mulligan, Vincent Capone, Edward Lundquist, ABC, IABC Fellow, Casey Collings, P.E.

| 4 Innovations Shaping Infrastructure Construction | Construction Drive

| H "SONAR EMILY" ενισχύει το διασωστικό έργο του Ελληνικού Ερυθρού Σταυρού - YouTube

| Michigan Monitors Bridge Scour with an ASCE "Gamechanger"

| Hydronalix USVS Offer Simple, Affordable Solutions

| Bridge inspections with drone boats an infrastructure "Gamechanger"

| MDOT Boats Named 2021 Infrastructure Gamechangers by The American Society of Civil Engineers - 9 & 10 News

| Meet EMILY, MDOT's remote-controlled boat that inspects bridge damage

| MDOT Using Remote Control Drone Boats To Inspect Some Bridges | News/Talk/Sports 94.9 WSJM

| During Pandemic, Protecting Both Responders and the Public Requires a Special Touch

| MDOT deploys unique technology to inspect underwater infrastructure

| Water Rescue Equipment for Swift Water, Flooding, and Boating Incidents - Fire Apparatus

| El primer robot capaz de rescatar a personas ahogadas

| GCSO: Body found in Roosevelt Lake confirmed to be that of Willa Rawlings

| Search for girl in Tonto Creek now a recovery effort

| Search for missing 6-year-old girl in Tonto Basin now a recovery instead of rescue | Tonto Basin Tragedy |

| MDOT using unmanned boats for bridge inspections

| EMILY leads the way for getting relief supplies to storm-damaged Bahams

| Michigan DOT Deploys 'Robot Boats' for Bridge Inspections - AASHTO

| Unmanned boats help with bridge inspections | WLNS 6 News


| MDOT Using Remote Controlled Boats to Assist With Bridge Inspections - 9 & 10 News

| MI Newswire - Remote control: Unmanned boats help with bridge inspections,4629,7-136-3452-512162--,00.html

| Depoe Bay Firefighters Rescue Couple from Boat in Siletz Bay

| Aquatic Drone Saving Lives Worldwide | Composites Manufacturing Magazine

| Hurricane Hero: EMILY Vehicle a Successful Partnership between Navy, Industry


| Disaster responders use EMILY USV to provide aid in Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian

| Lifesaving Drone Boat Surveyed Storm-Damaged Bahamas Harbor

| EMILY USV saves four swimmers at Oregon beach

| Meet EMILY, the robotic air-sea rescue boat

| In One Ear: EMILY to the rescue

| Rockaway Fire rescues swimmers caught in rip tide with remote-controlled drone

| UN urged to establish declaration on drowning after four million die in a decade

| Swimmers rescued after rip current pulls them out to sea at Rockaway Beach

| EMILY Remote Controlled Rescue

| Remote rescue boat

| Navy's robotic lifeguard answers the call

| Remote-Controlled Buoy Rescues Migrant

| EMILY Robot is A Lifesaver

| Meet EMILY, The Lifeguard Robot That's Saving Refugees Crossing the Mediterranean Sea | KERA News


| ONR demonstrates EMILY capabilities at SAS 2016

| Meet EMILY, the Robot Lifeguard Launched From a Helicopter

| EMILY Robot is a Lifesaver

| NAVY SBIR Remote-Controlled Buoy Rescues Migrants

| EMILY, the robotic lifeguard, saves lives

| Emily is a tough, remote-controlled robotic lifeguard

| University of Maryland Links Drone and Robotic Boat in Communication Network

| Robotics Emergency Deployment | EMILY

| Sahuarita man's life-saving device rescue 2 in Oregon

| Robotic Lifeguards and Drones That Spot Sharks

| Meet EMILY, the Rugged Robot Lifeguard

| Unmanned Systems Maritime Search and Rescue

| Safety and Security Applications for Micro-Unmanned Surface Vessels

| Robot boats to sail into tropical storms, improve forecasts

| Not just for the Navy: unmanned surface vessels (USVs) in wide use for surveillance at NOAA

| EMILY Is A Robotic Lifeguard That Jumps From the Helicopter To Save Refugees in Peril On The Sea

| Unmanned Surface Vessels for Bridge Scour Monitoring

| Scientists test new marine robot hurricane-hunters

| Robotic Lifeguard Named EMILY Saves Swimmers at Malibu Beach Video - ABC News

| Depoe Bay Fire rescues two from rip current with first use of EMILY


| EMILY, robot rescuing device, saves two in Depoe Bay (KMTR)

| Meet EMILY - the robot lifeguard - YouTube


| Watch Robotic E.M.I.L.Y. in Action

| EMILY Robot Lifeguard to Begin Saving Victims Off Malibu Shores This Summer

| EMILY on Diane Sawyer ABC World News

| EMILY on Los Angeles ABC news with Bri Wrinkler – mock rescue

| ABC World News Highlights EMILY Robot | Malibu, CA Patch

| Time Magazine Rating EMILY as top 50 inventions of 2010 (ranked at number 7),28804,2029497_2030615_2029800,00.html

| NBC Los Angeles News Segment on EMILY

| NBC Connecticut News Segment on EMILY systems going to Westerly Rhode Island

| CNN segment on EMILY

| A Robot Lifeguard Patrols Malibu

| San Diego Tribune Story on EMILY

| Robotic lifeguard hits Malibu's surf beaches | TechRadar

| EMILY press in UK

| Tucson News Paper the AZStar story on EMILY and local collaboration with University of Arizona

| WEBPRO News Story on EMILY

| Textron Teaming With Hydronalix for Small USV platform development,c9246268


| Control and Autonomy of Marine Robotics | Ocean Engineering


| A Sahuarita firm's water rescue robot


| Strait Times: EMILY Used in Ferry Emergency Drill

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